faith。 (dragonclouds) wrote,

Bette and Joan and Baby Jane

Written by Tracy-Ann Oberman.
Starring Catherine Tate as Bette Davis and Tracy-Ann Oberman as Joan Crawford.

HIGHLY recommended, both actresses put in stellar performances, at times it's hard to believe you're listening to a play and not to the women themselves.

Bette and Joan and Baby Jane, BBC Radio 4, April 29 2010

And the age-old question.

Bette or Joan?


I strongly suspect I know how this will pan out. And it won't be the way I'm voting.
Tags: bette davis, hollywood, joan crawford, media, poll, radio
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After reading Mommy Dearest I have LOATHED Joan...ugh...therefore I like Bette more LOL.
Well that's fair enough although it's supposedly almost entirely fictionalised. Something to do with Christina Crawford being mad at Joan for not leaving her money in her will? I can't remember. I strongly suspect Bette will walk this though, hahah.
I've never really been a fan of either, but I like Joan more... Bette always rubbed me the wrong way, I think is the phrase I'm looking for
Yeah, that's often how I feel about Bette too.